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Welcome to ABAAYO

Your specialist for African languages!

As diverse as Africa:

We can interpret and translate in more than 100 different African languages.

This diversity has made ABAAYO a reliable partner for numerous public authorities, companies and private clients.

ABAAYO has a European-wide pool of 130 qualified interpreters and translators. As native speakers, they know both the language and the cultural characteristics of the respective African country well.


More than interpreting: language and cultural mediation

ABAAYO interpreters have a special additional qualification as language and cultural mediators.

One focus of our language services is culturally sensitive interpreting by women for women.

Accreditation at the Administrative Court in Düsseldorf

We would be pleased to hear from you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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About us

We build bridges between cultures


ABAAYO interpreting and translation agency has existed since 2010 and is managed by Jawahir Cumar. She is from Somalia and has been working as an interpreter and translator of the Somali language since 1993. In April 2004, she was certified as a sworn interpreter at court hearings.

Since 2012, ABAAYO has been supporting the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees as a language mediator. Courts, police and authorities appreciate ABAAYO's experience and trustful cooperation.

As language and cultural mediators, our interpreters also have cultural background knowledge and sensitivity. They help to avoid "faux pas" and to build trust between the interlocutors. This intercultural competence offers a decisive advantage in times of globalization and increasing migration.

With their special qualifications, our language and cultural mediators can be deployed wherever understanding and integration are important: in doctors' offices and clinics, kindergartens and schools, counselling centers and government agencies. This also applies to particularly sensitive areas such as therapy.



… translates African languages wherever necessary for business, administration and civil society.


… accompanies people seeking social integration and enforcement of rights.


… accompanies delegations and projects.


›› A spoken word is like a bird set free that cannot be recaptured ‹‹

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We interpret wherever you need us


court hearings


business meetings


congresses and conferences


trade fairs


guided tours, visits and trips






medical visits

Our services also include interpreting by telephone and video conferencing.

Cultural peculiarities, values and taboos are often unwritten rules that influence communication behavior and familiarity. This often leads to misunderstandings, misinterpretations and also wrong diagnoses.

Abaayo provides:

  • successful intervention in case of intercultural communication disorders,
  • support of culturally sensitive counselling and care,
  • reduction of inhibitions, prejudices and fears,
  • referrals to specialized agencies.

One focus of our language services is culturally sensitive language translation by women for women. As language and cultural mediators, women accompany African women to authorities, medical facilities and counselling centers for families and social issues. In doing so, we not only support the African women, but also facilitate the work of the authorities, institutions, doctors and therapists.

Since young people and men are also increasingly seeking support for social and economic integration, more than 30 male language and cultural mediators work at ABAAYO.


›› The key to a culture is its language. ‹‹

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Diversity Africa

The diversity of the African continent is also reflected in its languages.

We can interpret and translate for you in more than 100 different African languages:

  • Angola

    Portuguese, Bantu

  • Arabic
  • Benin

    Ewe, Fon, Gun, Yoruba, Mina, Somba, Bariba, Dendi, Haussa

  • Botswana

    Setswana, Bantu-languages

  • Burkina Faso

    More, Ful, French, Arabic

  • Burundi

    Kirundi, Swahili, French

  • Cameroon

    Ewundo, Fung, Fang, Etong, Haussa, Doula

  • Central African Republic

    Sangho, Ubangi languages, Fulani, French

  • Djibouti

    Somali, Issa, French, Arabic

  • Eritrea


  • Ethiopia


  • Gabon

    Fang, Bateke, French

  • Gambia

    Manding, Ful, Arabic, English

  • Ghana

    Twi, Fanti, Ga, Ewe, Yoruba, Ful, Pidgin-English

  • Ivory Coast

    Baoule, Bete, Diula, Senoufo, More, Kwa

  • Morocco

    Arabic, Derija, Barber languages, French

  • Mouretania

    Hasaniya, Arabic, Poular, Solinke, Wolof, French

  • Mozambique

    Makua, Ronga, Tsonga, Muchope, Portuguese

  • Niger

    Boudouma, Djerma, Fulfulde, Gourmantcheme, Haussa, Knouri, Tamachek, Tasawak, Toubou

  • Nigeria

    Haussa, Yoruba, Ibo, Fulani

  • Rwanda

    Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, French

  • Senegal

    Wolof, Bambara, Sarakole, Serer, Diola, French, Malinke

  • Sierra Leone

    Manlinke, Mende, Temne, Limba, Krio

  • Somalia


  • South Africa

    Afrikaans, Zulu, Xosa, Setswana, Sotho, Tsonga, Swati, Ndebele, Venda, English

  • Sudan
  • Tanzania

    Swahili, Bantu languages

  • Togo

    Ewe, Mobu, Gorma, Fulbe, Yoruba, Haussa, French

  • Tunisia

    Arabic, French, Berber languages

  • Uganda

    Swahili, Bantu languages, English

  • Zambia

    Ichibemba, Luapula, Chinyanja, Chitonga, Silozi, Lunda, Lovale

  • Zimbabwe

    Fanagalo, Cishona, Isindebele, English


ABAAYO Interpreting and Translation Agency


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